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I started a web years ago as a place to put things online for my classes. Since then I’ve published occasional pieces and sometimes reprinted things that had been published elsewhere. More recently I’ve reorganized these pages, added a blog, and in doing so I’ve removed some information from this page (which used to be the front page). If you need my address and phone numbers you can find them on my old UNT page. Just click on the thumbnail above. I can also be reached as longjulian@gmail.com

I’ve recently sifted through these pages several times for one reason or other; and as I’ve done so I’ve discovered some stylistic inconsistencies and anomalies. I recall promising to correct such things, perhaps more than once. I now revoke any and all such promises. Some early posts are full of repetitions of this symbol: �, having been affected by one or another theme change. They too must stand as they are. I do not think these marks render the posts unreadable in which they occur.

I’ve disabled comments on all blog pages. Posts allow comments for 90 days, but since these pages are permanent. comments are probably not appropriate on them. My Great Books page was mostly for my students, but since I am now entirely retired and since the page contains material that might interest others as well, I have revised it and left it here. If anybody is interested, there’s also a link to my Great Books syllabus on my “About . . .” page.